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Who We ARE


     Portland New Church was officially constituted on August 21, 1831, as The Church of The New Jerusalem, by a group who had begun meeting to read and discuss the writings of Emmanuel Swedenborg.  The church grew slowly until 1850 when the Rev. William B. Hayden began a 25-year pastorate.  During that time the church grew to 183 members and a new church was constructed on High Street.  The current building, which houses the present church, was completed in April of 1910, intended as a parish hall. The denomination itself was founded in 18th century England.



     The goals of the Swedenborgian Church of Portland ( now know as Portland New Church are:


     to provide a safe place to explore Swedenborgian theology, Christianity, and

              other spiritual paths;

     to honor the presence of the Divine in the earth and all of creation;

     to honor the good and truth in all people and all beliefs;

     to celebrate the dance of the spirit;

     to learn how to love;

     to serve that love with wisdom;

     to nurture our children;

     to share trust, leadership, and responsibility;

     to sing and worship;

     and to live our faith in the community at large.





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