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About Swedenborg


Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, and theologian. Recognized as a "universal genius" or "Renaissance man", Swedenborg was a mathematician, geologist, metallurgist, minerologist, anatomist, botanist, chemist, physicist, cosmologist, astronomer, an author, inventor, legislator, mining engineer, economist, editor, a poet, and a musician. He came up with engineering designs, anatomical discoveries, and psychological insights that were way before his time, and was very well respected. However, in his fifties, Swedenborg had a spiritual awakening that opened a deep and clear-eyed perspective into the spiritual realm. With great care and intention toward accuracy, Swedenborg wrote and published 25 volumes of insights and information gained through this engagement with the spiritual realm. He did this with urgency and great dedication, offering what he found to be a much needed message to the whole human race. 

Swedenborg’s Vision

How to bring heaven to earth, or what constitutes heaven on earth, as pure Love and wisdom. Swedenborg stated that the Christian church is finished as we know it (not denying Christ’s message and reality), and there’s a needed shift of spiritual connection in that there is a oneness in the spirit of Love and understanding experienced individually, embracing/honoring diversity, while recognizing and engaging, in resonance, with one’s community.


Swedenborg Foundation


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PNC's Way of Walking with Swedenborg

Each member of the PNC congregation has their own way of seeing, understanding, and resonating with Swedenborg. We learn about and explore facets of Swedenborg's work and his influence on prominent people in history by researching and sharing what we find during 2nd Sunday services. Sharing here some of those recorded presentations with discussion following.

Lorraine's article on parallels between Swedenborgian philosophy and Buddhism can be found in this issue of "The Messenger":

Swedenborg and CG Jung talk by Lorraine 

Swedenborg and Emerson talk by Bob

Swedenborg and Extraterrestrials talk by Nanci

Presentation on the connection between Swedenborg and the 12 steps of AA

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