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Building Use

The Sanctuary of the church is available for use by donation. An arrangement can be made with the building manager by emailing: Possible availability can be determined by clicking on the calendar heading on this website.


Chairs:  About 50 folding chairs are available 

Tables:  There are six long folding tables and 6 folding card tables available, to your far left, behind a curtain.

Lights:  there is a switch box to your right as you enter the sanctuary.  There is also a light switch on the stage area, to your right as you face it.

The thermostat is up front, to your left ( on the stage area)  The number on the left is the current temperature; the one on the right is where you want it to be.  It usually takes 20 or 30 minutes to warm up, so you may want to arrive early in cold weather.  Before you leave, check it again, and turn it back down to 60 degrees.  In summer there is a fan you can use and a portable air conditioner that can be turned on.

Outlets:  The kitchen and bathroom have 3 - prong outlets, and there is a 3-prong along the wall between the kitchen and the sanctuary.  There are older style 2-prong outlets on the stage.

This is an alcohol-free building.


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